May the angels grant peace of life

List of contents:

Forgiveness of Christ
Reconciliation of Christ
Archangel Michael
Surrendering to Christ
Platonic Relationship
Christian Prayers
Bound by the Holy Heart
Many names and forms
Mercy for the world
Mercy of the Cross of Christ
The mountain to be climbed
Reciprocity of Karma
Body instrument
Klooster regel
Builder race
Non Christians
Life's ordeal Prayer
Name and quest
Laws for the human and the soul
Priests and celibate vow
Saints and Angels
Honoring the Ancestors
Sermon of the mountain
Centering prayer
Gospel of Andrew, Andreas Evangelie
Prayer to the Archangels
Divine Essence
Salomons ordeal
Archangel Gabriel
Profetie van Zephira
Consolation of angels
Angels and their message


Yeshua Jewish king

As two thousand years ago, the saviour
was having his life and brought wisdom
and mercy close to all the ones longing
for a new period of religion.

As he commited miracles and teached of
wisdom not medieval but a expert point of view.

As he was named in italian world
Christ Jesus and was famous
because he had a view on wisdom
his time far beyond.

Some call him San Christie
Others call him the saviour,
the shepherd, the king of jews
or the king of peace.

As he teached about mercy
that its not being derived
by labour, work or by cost
as he gives his mercy to everyone
in the direction he likes.

As he was the saviour
some believe he is the saviour
others the shepherd
and all share his mercy for
a new life filled with
the grace of the Lord.

Jesus Christ as they tell
if one has a pure life
one attains heaven.

As they say, being grounded
in his Faith grants a reason
for a good life and a reason
for supporting society
working for a higher cause
and to come close to the Lord
by prayer and service.

Forgiveness of Christ

The billionaire paying debts grants a job

As Jesus Chrsit taught all to accept His mercy
to attain the citizensship in his kingdom of the Lord.

As he is called the Lord most High and when people
have sinned and cannot come close to the Lord
or the Allmighty God.

As he said, believe in me and thy sins
will be forgiven. As he is the bond
between those he forgave their debts
and the wisdom and support of the Lord.

To be forgiven at some churches is to
be baptized at others to say their creed.

The forgiveness give them the right to
adress the Lord, or God Allmighty their prayers

As he hears and answers all prayers given to Him.
As Christ is the Shepherd in a psalm they promise
a good life filled with compassion to the world
and filled with a meaningfull life.

As he forgives and grants the calling to a new life.
And give them a Task for the life and full living
and grants His mercy as well the right to ask
in prayer all things needed.

Jesus Christ, the Saviour by forgivenes granting
all people in need, in wish a mercy best for them.


Without sin brought to the Lord Allmighty

As Jesus Christ is the King of Peace and the Lord
of the kingdom of the Jews, the holy land.

As people forgiven can pray by the name of Christ
and can be part of the mercy by the payment
of their sins by the goodness of Christ.

As there are many people who have not sinned
or are in surrender or self-sacrifice
by which they do not need forgiveness
as they receive His reconciliation.

The part of unification with the Lord most High
and the God Allmighty.

As one has not sinned is by Christ unified
with the Lord Himself as being pure does
not need a punishment.

As one has surrendered both karma,
both goodness, both deficits are in the
hands of the god or Lord Allmighty.

As to be reconciled one can ask
to have an atonement or penance given
by the God or Lord Allmighty.
As to pay by the atonement
one does not need forgiveness
but by the power of Christ
comes near to the Lord Him or Herself.

The penance done in order of the Lord
gives the chance to pay for all sins
and become pure again.

As Christ both offers forgiveness and
penance one has the free choice to
attend the mercy of Jesus Christ.

As the forgivenes has the obligation
to pray by the name of Jesus Christ

and the reconciliation offers
a direct bond with the Lord
as some catholic books say
allow to praye to the archangels too.

As the atonement or penance is
the paying for sins, no one knows
as the Lord is unintellegible
what life one gets or how its filled
with the glory of the Lord.

As a note on penance,
it is mostly combined
with a life-ordeal asked in prayer
As one is spoken free or mentioned pure
one has a bond with the Lord Himself.
as one is not depending on forgiveness.

As combined with a life-ordeal
one has sometimes the chance
to surrender to the Allmighty One.

Arch angel Michael

Mercy of the Angels

As one says, beng protected by the Lord
gives both safety and a fruitfull life.

As one says asking an archangel for protection
grants the pure and joyous life with the
freedom of a child of the Lord.

Asking archangel Michael for
protection and mercy grants an
invisible border for all suffer
and vice.

Archangel Michael granting his
mercy, is being the most powerfull
mercy provided in christianity.

As angels in christianity
are visioning with the omnipresent
of the Holy Lord, by thus
seeing all things coming before
the people can act out on others.

As Archangel Michael one of
the powerfull angels as being
the patron of Police grants the
balance of peace in life.

As his protection is given
to the soul of the man as well.

As one attaining this protection
is for the full life after it.

Surrendering to Christ

Mercy of the Angels

The possibility to surrender to Jesus Christ
is to accept Him as the Full Source.

To surrender is to give your life in His hand
as He will use it for His Holy Kingdom

As to surrender is to give all rights
to Him, for He will form and reform
it to a new life full of meaning.

As to surrender is to give your birth Karma
the best way to be resolved.

As in birth karma, both chances
as well punishment or reward are
being part of it.

Even the most weak person has in karma
reward and chances.

Surrendering to Christ is to give
the ownership to Him.

As when he receives your Life
he will as promise give
your life a safe goal.
Making you a good home at heaven
after it.

As Jesus holds all mercy as
the Son of God, as he never
sinned or diverted from the Lord
he can give all mercy possible
and decides when or where to grant
and as he has been human
understands all human fears.

To give life to Him is to
allow it to be changed for the
purpose seen by Him.

As examples are found in
christian literature
and mostly important roles
making society a jump into the
future are being led by Him.

For example the first black
female judge in the states.

As to surrender to Christ is
to become a servant or instrument to him.

As the body is the instrument
a gift of mother Earth to the person
to fulfill the quest of life.

Therefore surrendering to Christ
does not immediate give an angels body
but makes the body the instrument,

As all humans do not own the body
but is a gift of Mother Earth,
as after life she takes it back.

If one surrenders, the theory is
that after life they receive a body
of an angel, expressing the love of
the Lord.

Therefore if the body is an instrument
and is property of the Earth, this
body alone will not get other features
than normal Human.

As this body serves the soul,
and the soul in surrender is part
of the Godhead and therefore
follows the will of the godhead.

As the vivid example of people
surrendered to Christ are the saints.

As Christopher the saint,
was carrying Christ
and Christ became heavier,
then Christ carried him.
Therefore being rescued and
the heavy child Christ,
was getting heavier
untill the saint surrendered,
then Christ carried him.

As this example tells that
all the saints have during
their life surrendered to Jesus Christ.

As to surrender to Christ is to
accept his love of his guidance
for the full life after it.

As the feeling of thankfullness
that he reforms life to a fruitfull one.

As the feeling of joy that life
is within boundaries and his protection is secure.

As his love will change your life
and your life will be of goodness
for the world

Over het levensoordeel

Platonic relationship

Adressign roles of the Lord most High

As Jesus Christ regarded the Lord as His father
and in that role received the blessing of the Lord

As he regarded the Lord as His father he
was bound by being obedient to the Lord
as he was crucified and accepteed the punishment
for having the surrender to his Father the Lord.

As other roles in religion are in other religions
as well having like Krishna as boyfriend for
the gopi female shepherds.

As the role for growing in both devotion
and mercy is to regard the Lord as the
platonic relationship.

As platonic means no intimicy or sexuality.
And by relationship as being a soul mate
of each other.

This platonic relationship is supported
by prayer, as to have the name of the Lord
living on the lips.

As a male person attracts a female by
sharing gifts, and asking each other
all important subjects.

To regard the Lord as platonic relationship
gives the Lord the possibility to share
his wisdom, his mercy and his love and compassion
with you.

As we on earth say,
everyone has parents but a lovelife
is your own choice.

Christian Prayers

Getting the mercy of the Lord most High

All these prayers are examples to pray as these
are to get and receive the blessing of the Lord most High
As the trinity can be adresses freely by these wishes
As the blessing of the Lord is the ultimate goal of all prayers
as one asks for health, others for safety or prosperity
as well guidance or the art of prayer.
May these be prayerd by speech, whisper as the Lord hears.

Oh Jesus Christ Saviour come to my support

Oh Christ grant me your mercy and your name.

Oh Christ save me from peril.

Oh Christ i long to become a saint.

Oh Lord take me in your mercy and protection.

Oh Lord teach me how to pray.

Oh Lord educate me and grant me wisdom.

Oh Lord Make me your servant.

Oh Lord forgive my sins and set me free.

Oh Lord give me good health.

Oh Lord grant me prosperity.

Oh Lord grant me a good job.

Oh Lord grant me the fullfilment of my wishes.

Oh Lord look in my heart.

Oh Lord give me wisdom.

Oh Lord guide me.

Oh Lord most High, i surrender to you

Oh Allmighty One i surrender to you

Oh Holy Spirit grant me understanding

Bound by the Holy Heart

Surrendering after getting proof

As one receives the mercy of Christ,
and learns how big his influence is.

For example asking him for better grades at university
and by the marvel of getting them, one learns that
Christ is really above normal intelligence.

As for me, when receiving better graded
i as i felt that Christ was really big,
i asked Christ to change my goal and lifegoal
to his decision.

As for having the mercy of Christ,
one has according to other religions
karma which is to be resolved during life.

As to take him as source and faith,
He fullfills all birth karma and also changes
life to the golden plan he has.

As one surrenders to Christ,
almost all people including servants
need proof before surrendering
as to ask him to proof,
he fulfills the questions
and can proof his living mercy.

As one surrenders, His intelligence
is leading and one is taken above normal feelings.

As the proverb that all things done
are not by selfish intelligence
but out of his power.

It is about Christ, and about
the sermon of the hill,
that those with pure heart will know the Lord
and with the bond and connection of the
Holy Heart.

As a pure heart is not with dirt
by the mind or other sources.

As by the vow of the holy heart,
is the feeling of joy to serve the Lord
and the feeling of love by receiving his
daily grace.

Many names and forms

I went to the deepest ocean and the highest mountain

As i was travelling through countries and lands,
through mountains and lakes.

I heard the king of England praying to Jesus Christ,
I heard the king of Sweden praying to the Allmighty One
I heard the king of the Netherlands praying to Archangel Michael

As i was travelling from the mountain of kilimanjaro
were the local people jumped over cliffs and rocks
and sailed from the snowtop to the lake with their huts.

As i was travelling from the lowlands of the ocean
were the people swam in rury water and dived for
pearls without oxygen.

As i travelled the air and the upper hemisfere
i flew as birds without fear from the highest wind
to the stillness of the sunlight.

Everywhere i sailed, swam and climbed
i saw them calling one name.
Many languages and many different colors
but all were in deep conversation to their name.

As i heard all the names they were calling
As their mother and father teached them,
As in their education they learned them,
and all were in wonder for flying swimming and climbing.

The mercy to the worlds

All worlds being visited at His time
Vrouwe aller volkeren

As the gospel of Christ is for everyone on the world
to accept and to teach.

To receive his mercy for a good life,
and for having profit because of him.

As some receive the gospel by
friends, teachers, churches,

some receive the gospel when
Christ meets them in the heart.

As he tells, when one is ready and
is meeting him, they both
have meal together, spiritually
and is teached his mercy.

As to meet him in the heart
is getting his mercy on his behalf.

If one is by church receiving the gospel
is to accept the mercy as given by the church
either the holy heart, the saviour or
the role they in church share.

As to receive his mercy is lifelong
for as he grants, and for those
who have temporary mercy and can
abject it, it is as long as they
choose to attend

As for everyone meeting in the heart
receive the mercy, if they are in attention
for both recognizing or accepting it.

As all who hear his voice and answers
are by birth belonging to Him.

As our earth received his gospel
and his appearance two thousand years ago.
They might say, why did he not appear in these
times as the gospel would far more have good

The answer is, he decides when to attend a world
and grant his mercy.

As is said, he travels to all worlds
as the saviour and grants his mercy
in the way he likes.
Those who accept, and those worlds
who accept are granted his Mercy.

For earth was visited two thousand years ago,
like meeting a person in the heart and asking
if the person wants to believe and get faith.

All the worlds are visited by Him and granted
the mercy he wants to offer.
And the worlds accepting with reverence get
the full mercy, the others as much as they
receive of him.

Mercy of the Cross of Christ

Earning his compassion

As an unknown kind of mercy of Christ,
Some accept Christ as saviour,
other as shepherd, or the lord as father.

As the cross of christ is a part of his
tale and talk in the bible and conversations.

A kind of mercy not prooved in the bible
is the cross of christ.

In a region far away they see the cross of christ
as a kind of mercy to attain all other types
of mercy.

To be on the cross of Christ with Christ
is to suffer his pain and his agony
and by this sacrifice or compassion
with Christ he rewards you by his gift
of mercy he likes and he sees fit for you.

As being longer at the Cross gives more mercy
because the easy task or obligation of Christ
is to suffer with him, and therefore earning
his mercy.

As this kind of mercy is not on a real visible cross
and not by giving pain at purpose but as a spiritual
kind of earning a better position in life.

As someone said,
if you think you do not earn at all the mercy of Christ
because you are a sinner or expelled from society
this kind of mercy as its for the individual,
ggives the chance by compassion of Christ,
by showing your own compassion to earn mercy,

As some monestaries far away, care for the bodies
while the soul is at Christ and his cross.
And some even after an hour at the cross are
being treated friendly by their surrounding,

Others spend years at the cross and earn the
high gospel of compassion, as Christ can
shower his mercy on the devotees when they
servie him in unselfish manner.

The cross of Christ as a kind of mercy
far away a living source of the highest
gifts of Jesus Christ

The mountain to be climbed

The road to be at heaven's port

Climbing the mountain to reach my purpose
To vision the goal and wishes for the eternal fame.

I arranged my crew and bought the food
i planned the trip far ahead a thousand years ago.

For my mountainclimb would be the purpose
of stars far above, reaching heaven.

I started to climb and saw many herbs
and flowers, just as no citizen has seen.

I climbed the mountain,
flowers and herbs nevr touched by
human hand, and me the first to see.

I climbed the mountain,
i saw trees of everlasting beauty,
and the green leaves never fading color.

I climbed the mountain,
my crew asked for food and the rations
were split, and divided in portions.

I climbed the mountain,
and i saw above the trees the
rocksolid of a life filled with grace,
As above the trees the air was cool
and the air was fresh.

I climbed the mountain,
and above the trees stepped on
the rocksolid, as the stars
at confirmation of status feels
they are on solid ground.

I climbed the mountain
and the crew asked for water
as the thirst the only reason
to drink. the sages and their message.

I climbed the mountain,
and i saw above the rocksolid a layer
of emerald green. As the vision
never seen until one reaches this step.

I climbed the mountain,
and the emeralds blinked in
pure air, without clouds,
and as an expensive collar
on a ladies neck.

I climbed the mountain,
and the emeralds turned to blue
sapphire, and diamond and unknown
stones only seen at this step.

I climbed the mountain,
and my crew was with greed,
they lost their rations
and put in the diamonds and stones
of high value.

I climbed the mountain,
and saw above the diamonds
blinking an unusual glance
Pure gold or even more precious.

I climbed the mountain and the
sun and solar orb showed me
gold at many coins and nuggets.
And to be in greed would fall
for the last step of climbing

I climbed the mountain,
and reached out for a the purpose
of all times, the unity to be on top
looking down.

I climbed the mountain,
all wishes vanished to be just one
being united at the top.
and never walking down.

As water was at mountain
a ration ever replenishing,
and food as ration was even
more tasting than the diamonds looked.

A climb on a mountain as
to find a goal, everlasting
beauty in the spring fountain
of youth.

Everlasting wisdom at the
philosophers stone.

Everlasting gold
at the alchemist goal

At the top of the mountain,
one reaches for the goal
of sages, ever living in heaven
till the next morning of eons
give them a new birth
a reason to climb again.


The Mercy of Christ

Every human being having an instrument calls himself to be
part of society. and by havign faith takes life serious
as the belief in heaven and hell gives a serious intent
to make life to the best.

As the question of happiness and suffer gives the
meaning if the gods know our pain and siffer and why
they not take it away.

As in a life before this we were granted a gift of god
to have a body to be happy in and to fullfill the life
purpose to the fullest.

Because we had that chance and did not take it,
we this life are granted the body able to not be perfect
and to suffer and make mistakes.

As therefore this life is with pain and with
a kind of discernment we do not always see
mistakes, or problems before they come
or be prevented.

And as they say, if we did do wrong in former lives
and for exampke stole someones car or expensive property,
in this life the gods say you have to suffer under
the same crime as you committed.
v Therefore if you stole a precious gift in
former lives, this life its stolen from you
with the same kind of suffer belonging to it.

There fore, if one in life on earth does misschief,
after life goes to hell, and has to suffer
under the same price.

This reciprocity is a law binding all creatures
in reality.

As the mercy of Christ is bound to the person
and its possibilities, to make life best.

The mercy gives the person a good purpose
and supports good living, but the person
still has karma which has to be resolved,
therefore the mercy of Christ is after life
when paid for karma and worked for Christ.
As he gives all new chances a good outcome.

The mercy of Christ therefore
grants a good life, but does not take away
all suffer and hardship

body instrument

We loan the body of Earth, treat her well

As God gives us life and the ability to reach out for Him.

As the Lord grants us several blessings,
Work at a decent level,
a relationship with a nice man or woman.

As all people share the gift of a body at birth
and to by education learn to behave in society.

As some follow their wishes to learn
what in life makes them happy.

Others who have hardship or have
devotion. chooses to follow a religion.

As all people share a body,
given at birth.

The body is not property,
but an instrument that is lend to
us, that is loaned to us
but Earth.

As this body is not our property,
we are more or less obliged to use it
in the right manner,

not hurting it, not damaging it.

If in life one uses its instrument
in the good way, and uses it peacefully
one deserves a better instrument
in next life.

Comparing it to have a gift of
a watch, a simple one is less
worse to be broken than an expensive one.

The comparison,
if a child gets a watch,
and uses it at school, on the playground
and when he demolishes it and
throws it away and then asks a new one.
The parents will give a simple on,
of less value,

If another child gets a watch,
cleans it daily and at the playground
stores it in a locker and is very tidy with it.
this child deserves a more expensive watch.

So if the body is not property,
using it in the right fashion,
grants in a next life, a more
expensive, more vulnarable
or with more capabilities.

As the body is not property,
and belongs to earth. itself
does not need a redemption.

To convert to a religion,
is also to treat the body well.

Therefore treating the body well
unlocks a better next life
with an instrument of higher value.
For example living longer,
better instinct or intelligence,
internal protection to all diseases.
less chance fore addiction.

The theory,
if we would have the body as property,
loosing it as death would loose property,
as its property of earth,
and after earth the body ends in earth,
for Her its not loosing anything.


The rule of Bastiaan

As sometimes the question arises if a special
community can be appointed for the service to the angels and gods.
And how its organized.

This rule of monasteries is an example and is
a document which weekly is updated.
As written in dutch.

The document in dutch,
De regel van Bastiaan, het credo van Communie

Klooster regel pdf

Builder race

The myth of a time far past

Our earth as well all intelligent creations in the universe
were builded and formed by the builder race.

As some stories of Creation tell about them
Some called them Creator,
other named them the Godly Builders.

As its a myth they existed and were cause
of all intelligent species with their worlds.

This Builder race,
as we humans on earth are with human appearance
they who created us would have the same form.

The difference would be,
they used their souls with their heightened
intelligence, their spontaniouty to
be intelligent far above and beyond
our possibility.

As we need eighteen years to be scholard
for a job or a function in society,
and we live a hundred years.

They would reach the millions of years,
and an ongoing education of thousands of years.

This builder race, as the myth tells us
have been at the Creation of Earth
making day and night,
making food and water,
making as the ecosystem holds all
living beings to work together
the planteaters to be eaten by predators,
the predators to be eaten by insects.
all as a living radarwork.

This builder race, no one knows
how to adress them, to get to know them,
To be educated about them.

They might be far away still
creating worlds with life
with sentient life.

They might be far away,
creating life to
exist for a million years,
even after a million years still
life with a purpose,
life with a goal,
life with consciousness
consciousness not fading away.

This Builder race,
Able to build intelligent
and sentient life.

We were made to their resemblance.


For those who want not to commit

As on earth the christian religion or faith
is to ensure a way of life, of living
or to be part of a social structure.

As some do not want to commit to a source
and to be obliged to either read the bible
or to live according rules and commandmants.

To not be christian is natural for some
who want to be independent.

As those want some methods for living too
some small and simple things to have at hand.

By prayer, not to the lord or christ,
but to adress them to the angels.

Both angels by name or plural to angels
as they are not only christian and do
not demand to read any scripture or book.

The second, if non christian and not
believing in the life ordeal according to
christian doctrin, believing
in a ordeal only judging
being good or bad in life,
or if good deeds superceeds the bad one
in life.

As good deeds, hold the job you have,
the care for partner and children,

the volunteer job you have
or the philontrophy.

AS the third one to
choose a virtue to have as
the primal one in life.

As the prayers
May the angels judge,
or may the angels come to aid,
or May the angels rescue


Jesus said, let them come freely

For those who are christian and have children,
in the bible is described about them

that Jesus said,
let the children come to me,
not being abjected or regulated
by his disciples.

This gives the meaning
that for adults the mercy of Christ
is set, by the use of churches and

But for the children,
they may adress Christ
withouth being bound to rules

Therefore a child may ask Christ
can i be a child of you,
can you be my shepherd.

As the children are free,
as Christ said may they come freely to me.

As the children are not bound
by conditions and are allowed
as Jesus promises they receive
the blessing regardless of
rules of sin, or regulations.

As for parents they can as they wish
give or grand their children to Christ.
As He will support their nurture into
good adults.

Life's ordeal prayer

A serious prayer

As Christians read in the bible
That Christ will represent them in
the final ordeal or life's ordeal.

As the prayer to receive the judgement of
the Lord, or God'allmighty or the Creator
is a serious one.

The theory is that when life ordeal
is being taken place three possible outcomes

The prayer of ordeal is one is pure or judged
positive, the Creator adds to the end of the life.
As one is spoken free of guilt or sin
or has justified everything.

When one is spoken free, the Creator
governs the remaining part of life,
therefore not directly needing the
forgiveness of Christ.

As the ordeal to other gods,
for example the ordeal of the Allmighty one
Himself, is not about having the highest
status, or rank but if you kept pure.

If at the Allmighty one your heart
kept pure, you are taken in his mercy.

As all gods and angels can give an ordeal
and a very serious choice for the adept
or the one.

The second outcome is one is not pure,
or having sin, the question for penance
can be removing the segregation
between the Lord or the gods and the person.

When penance in governing of the gods is done
no one knows which appearance a penance will take.
But having a medicine regards the period to be
fullfilled which makes it a very serious prayer.

The third, in no prayer about ordeal
one can attain the faith of a religion
known in the world.

For its a very serious ordeal
as when at some gods is ordeald
as guilty one is being given
pain or a virus causing very
large suffer, be sincere with
such an ordeal.

As its not predictable
which outcome will happen,
be very serious with it,

As its not known if angels
grant their mercy of going
through in the good way

By name and quest

Our names as the lifetask

In our known world, with all the languages
cultures and countries we have a name
more than one name, or a symbol to our person.

As we are born, our parents tell the name
as official and as the local goverment
makes it lifelong active.

The name of a child as the parents create
can be one or more names and the surname
of the parents.

the first names, one of them is a calling name
or nickname.

As the names chosen by the parents, some from
grandparents or family members of before.
Some think of names they like.

As a name, mostly in the past used
by famous, important or people with a

As each name in the past is used
by a person being important with
a specific job or quest, or lifetask
As this name bound by that lifetask
they fullfilled is repeating this task
for the children who received the name.

As one has two names,
there are two parts of a lifetask.
For example the name bastiaan,
is bound by a lifetask,
in my opinion to endure all hardship
in life. to endure suffering
As its an inner task without being
visible to the outside.

As for example another name can
be the task of archangel michael
as the soldier of God,
and one having the name,
are called to fight in the kingdom of God.

As all names are bound by a lifetask
either intern or extern.
As one fullfills this task,
the theory is, a fullfilled task grants
the eternal reward of these names.

As the names given from past important
people they themselves already received
eternal grace.

As an addition,
the namegivers, as holy people or angels
can grant a lifetask and is not precisely the
task they had theirselves, as an angel
has a task greater than one human life.

Law for the human and the soul

Meaning of difference crime and sin

As on earth most countries have a syst1em of laws
to ensure safety, cooperation, and living

As on earth laws are described by law books
and by the use of judges giving borders to
all spoken ordeals.

As laws are applicable to humans
and applicables to any human involved
in either a crime or a misuse of anything.

As law is applicable to the human form.
for all humans and all visible and non-visible

As the humans have their laws
the soul has the law too,
as for the law for all human souls
is described in holy books
and scriptures.

As for the soul the law
is the ten commandments
and the rule of compassion
and the action of philantrophy.

As well the rule to forgive others.

As the holy book is the law for the soul
the countries law book is for the human form.

Therefore, one of the laws for the soul
is to bring into prayers all subjects.
therefore everything visible for the Lord
by prayer cannot be a sin anymore.

The question if the Lord forgives,
is sin or crime still accountable
is the human form is subject to law
the law of the country and bound
by the identity in the country.

Priests and celibatic vows

A life in the grand support of the Lord

As in the bible tells
the ones without any relationship yet,
can serve the godhead himself.

As the ones without relationship,
as without any intimicy,
are in service to the lord.

the ones with relationships serve

This in catholic church means
that pastors, priests are
without relationship,
thus in celibacy.

As well those in monestaries
pledge to celibacy.

As some fairy tales tell
that virgin girls
have special powers.
to foretelle the future
as well certain gifts
of wisdom, good deeds,
and others.

As people with an unbroken
celibatic vow are by prayer
and by bond being unified with
the Lord.

As its a myth that an unbroken
bond with the Lord, and
by celibatic vow grants certain kinds
of mercy.

Other religions tell as well
these kinds of gifted ones.

The ones in hinduism being

The godess Athene of
greek old religions.

To keep an unbroken vow
needs a person without
any relationship yet.

And to keep the vow,
a strong heart,
or a prayerbond is needed.

Saints and Angels

The devoted life and its goal

As the stages in christianity are bound
by the holy book of the bible
as the central book to give people
both the mercy, the explanation
and the use of prayer
as well the expression of rituals
by the compassion to all including
infirm, poor or degraded.

As the saints are in surrender to
the Lord most High, as Christ is the Saviour.

As the angels are with the suffix
el, as to be bound to angels
of the jewish tradition.
as El Shaddai is their source
of surrender.

As the name of El Shaddai means
the Omnipotence, or Allmighty One.

As to reach this stage is
to have sincere devotion
with the full intent of
serving the Lord most High
or serving the Omnipotence.

As all angels with suffix
of el, are by the name of the
Allmighty One, as in each language
this title has a name.

This makes Archangel Michael
and Archangel Gabriel
to be in source of the jewish
name El- Shaddai.

As a sidestep into Hinduism
where Brighu surrendered to
the Allmighty One.

This is a genuine step
in all religions,
being possible to all
when in sincere devotion
with the Godhead as
the prime goal to reach in life

As one steps in youth on the
path of religion one reaches
the goal whenever the godhead
allows, or grants His mercy.

saints surrendered to Christ
or the Lord most High
or Father Allmighty.

As angels surrenderd to
the Omnipotence, the Allmighty One.

As examples are the angels,
Michael and Gabriel.
with the suffix El,
as the sign of El Shaddai.
Which is the jewish title
for the Omnipotence.

Honoring the ancestors

Respecting your forefathers and your lineage

Some parts on the world are with a different religion,
or tradition as its sometimes called

As these parts, are not reaching out for prayer
to a god goddess or angel,
they are giving their vow to their ancestors,

As the ancestors bless those who are in reverence to them.
As the ancestors with a similar kind as saints
can give prosperity when the offspring
put flowers at the spot, or other substances.

As the tradition of honoring your ancestors,
is a theme on the world not very different.

As the theory is that when people die,
from any cause and on any time
they reach the world or place of the ancestors.

As its in hinduism called pitri loka,
where the spirits have no real physical body
but yet endowed with a spirit and spirtual body

As these spirits can with hands unseen cause
prosperity for their offspring,
and can cause hardship if they forget
their lineage.

As honoring the ancestors, can give the
same blessing as coming near to a saint or angel
as the Creator left several paths on earth to
reach out for the life goal.

As ancestors, have lived, and when did and
completed their life task, or obligation
they are spirits who can help others
as they have seen all things during life
from hapiness to hardship.

As they say honoring the ancestors
can give a blessing.

As these spirits who have finished their life,
sometimes are in doubt themselves, as they
leave their body behind, and are not
able anymore to talk about.

As they can be frightened and feel
they might have missed part of life and its goal
and are in need for their wisdom to
be supported to give life its meaning
and to give a place in the lineage.

As when they have spirit bodies,
they still can be in prayer,
and in prayer as religions give
to all people and souls.

As these spirit bodies can influence
all life on earth, as they can bless

The idea in christianity is that
these spirit bodies, as the saints
are described in catholic church
can be part of devoted life

as some speak to the Lord as Christ
and its Father

As some speak to the Archangels
to ask their support

as some speak or ask saints
to be of support or guidance.

As when spirits loose their
physical body,
they still can visit places
of angels and saints
who educate them.

The education given
by saints or angels
is for them legitimate.
as they still can

These saints and angels
educating the ancestors,
when they want or are in need

As spirits therefore can
receive education at the spots
religions grant.

As the spirits longing for
a new life, can ask these religions
spots for the blessing of a good life.

May our ancestors be honored for
their tasks during life.

May our ancestors have peace
in heaven and their abodes.

May our ancestors be spoken
of in respect by us and our offspring.

May our ancestors be honored
for their bloodline.

artikel bergrede

Sermon of the mountain

Mercy of the mountain as blessings

As Christ gave its sermon on the mountain,
as the closest of disciples were there.

As Chrsit gave its sermon on the mountain,
as its the masterpiece of his gospel

He said everyone surrendering to me,
will receive the blessing of the
mark given on the mountain.

Those pure of heart after surrender
will see The Creator, The Father.

Those small at mind, and thinking
will reach the kingdom of heaven.
As close to pure of heart is those who
seldom think.

Those who are soft will inherit
the earth and its leadership.

Those who suffer will
be comforted

As the sermon of the mountain
specifies the mercy given after surrender

As Christ spoke these words of
wisdom of the Lord, the Father
he saith this gospel will last
a thousand years if not after
eternity its still found.

As many christians ask
when will people receive this
gift of spoken at the mountain,
and the answer is, when they surrender
to Jesus Christ and the trinity.

centering prayer

By a small prayer we receive the blessed life he grants us

As in churches of Christ, there is the
prayer adressing our father with the central meaning
being most important.

As to receive his blessing that his will leads
the world to worldpeace,

and to give is daily our share of living,
to both eat, sleep in a safe home.
and to follow his commandments.

As the centering prayer,
one can use this our father prayer
but we can use other prayers as well.

In monasteries its commonv to use the prayer:
Please saviour come to our support.
Saviour give us mercy.

And a longer variant
can both use central words and meaning
and use the method to desrcibe wishes
and feelings.

As the centering prayer
Lord most High take us in your
Mercy and Protection.

As well the same prayer to the Allmighty One

Oh Allmigthy One, Omnipotence,
Take me in your mercy and protection

As the variant.
Oh lord most high
i ask your attention.
and after it the description,
of either a wish, a feeling or a complaint.

As all prayers grant the light
of the Lord in its answer.

As when one asks,
am i allowed to pray about this feeling,
its the prayer to adress the Lord
may i saviour bring this subject in prayer.

As when it is allowed,
one will notice the freedom
to express it in prayer.

As a kind of centering prayer
which is valid in all religions is
the next one:

Your will be done
Uw wil geschiedde

And another one.
Oh Lord teach me
Heer, onderwijs mij

As you can add the name of the godhead
in front of, and then repeat it as a
prayer and mantra.
As its already working when repeating
for three times.

The gospel of Andreas, Andrew Apostle

A representation of the gospel according Bastiaan

As the gospel of the apostles is in the bible
and the additive books, as to be read
for giving faith.

As the bible is read to give people a
goal in life, or to face all things
happening in life.

As the bible tells of the gospel,
the source of the talks with Jesus Christ.

This dutch article is the gospel
of Andreas Andrew the apostle.

May it be a source of wisdom,
as all gospels are heard of Christ
and later on written down.

As this gospel is an article,
not recorded two thousand years ago
but as a speech given in the mouth
of the Appostle.

Evangelie Andreas

As all christians receive a disciple or angel
to attend life as mercy.

There is the promise that every angel
or disciple give the mercy in a different way.

As Andreas keeps the faith safe,
and when servants reach a position in life
that they are independent, and fully capable
as some say at thirthy six,
He as disciple gives them to the Lord,
or Allmighty One,
as one of the names of the Lord.

As The gospel is, the servants
first fully learns to live,
and to follow wishes, and try to live
as they keep pure, at that age
are transferred to the Lord,
giving them a feeling tha free will
is less important.

As the theory every angel or disciple
attends the christian mercy in a different way.

As the church, has its source in
a disciple in the time short after Christ.

As well the question to be baptized with
the Holy Spirit, is a prayer to the Lord
himself. As he only attends it.
Without intervention of the church

Prayer to the Archangels

As the patriarchs of angels hearing our whisper

As we know the archangels to be the mightiest angels
of christianity among other religions.

As we know names like Michael, Gabriel, Ariel
and Raphael to be angels.

As each angel has a specific role in
religion, as some fight, some are messengers.

As to praye to the archangels is to say.

Oh Archangels come to my support.

Oh Archangels please judge this

Oh Archangels i ask your attention for this.

As the archangels are like the
patriarchs of population like
Abraham of all the jews.

As Archangels lead all angels
who belong to them in their higher order.

As Archangels have existed for a very long time
and all their deeds and decision are with
utmost wisdom.

As to be guided by an archangel
is to receive the mercy and the protection.

The grace of their light,
To both guard and lead life.

There fore pray to the Archangels.
as to whisper they hear.

As the archangels are
with the power of the Allmighty One
they hear all prayers.

Divine Essence

As in christianity the divine essence is
the Lord with an unspeakable name.

As in Hinduism its called Brahman
the unborn principle.

As in the bible its the
Lord most High, the father
who has no name and no form.

As this is called the divine essence
for its the high source of all
religions and faith systems.

The divine essence is the source
of all religious instruments.

As this essence is
the supreme reality
as source of all gods.

As this essence is
the supreme one,
as the one without second,
as even in the bible
god is named to be the only one
and has no one besides Him.

As sometimes its called
the Supreme Reality,
or the High One.

Salomons ordeal

As the proverbs of salomon were of
astounding wisdom, as to have one proverb
to give meaning to a whole life

As the proverbs of Salomon,
who created a new genre the
one of wisdom in just a few words.

As the proverbs of Salomon
the tree of life consists of prayers.

As the Salomon was having one
in partciular about the two ladies
with one child, being disguised by the other.

The king Salomon was asked to give an ordeal
which of the two ladies was the real mother.

As Salomon said, cut it in two, and give
each a part. as the real mother said
then give it to the other mother.

As Salomon with his wisdom was with might
and understanding, as his ordeal was
by the heart, as the sword going through
showing the intents and foul play.

To ask a Salomons ordeal is a
severe ordeal or judgement
and even important because most
saw it as just one judgment.

As the same kind of ordeal is
when one asks a life-ordeal
by the God or Allmighty One.

As the question is if one has kept
purity and attained the lifegoal.


As the saints attain heaven.
by their virtues and task on earth.

As the life ordeal is to
receive the blessing of a place
in heaven.

as a saint reaches the 'zaligverklaring'
they are affirmed in heaven and to
be in the paradise place there.

As a saint reaches the 'heiligverklaring'
they are affirmed united with
the holy source.

As when an ordeal is being pure

without stain
they receive the blessing
in heaven to pray to the archangels.

As the uniting with the holy source
is for every saint different
some reach by surrendering to the holy source
others by uniting their willpower
or just dissolving in the divine essence.

As to reach a spiritual goal is to say
Oh Lord thy will be done.
as a prayer whispered three times.

Archangel Gabriel

As all the archangels like patriarchs are the head of their
mighty army.

As all the archangels are independent of other
powers or authorities as they have the will of God
living inside of them.

As the Archangels have the suffix el,
to depict their bond with El Shaddai
the Allmighty One or Omnipotence.

As the Archangels all have their work
and service to the Omnipotence
and as they say whispering to them
like prayers to God are heard by them.

As Archangel Michael can be seen
as a migthy king of angels granting
his mercy whose he likes.

As the archangels already exist for thousands of years
the question of education for them is not with meaning
as they already act for long times.

As the Archangel Gabriel,
sometimes seen as a messenger, an instrument.
As he works with word and language
as Michael can as the soldier punish or bless.

As the Archangel Gabriel
grants people the mercy of understanding
as he when called gives wisdom or insight
about their life, their surrounding
and circumstance.

As the man needs both protection and understanding
to keep being safe.

So whne praying to Archangel Gabriel
one receives the blessing of communication
as one receives blessings of words
and blessings of guidance.

Archangel Gabriel to adress can be whispers
like Archangel Gabriel take me in your mercy and protection.

Profetie van Zephira

An article in dutch.

De profetie van Zephira probeert een raakvlak te benoemen
tussen religie, wetenschap en de religieuze spreekwijze.

Het is een fictief document dat probeert een inzicht
te beschrijven, die in de mond van een wijsgeer wordt

Profetie van Zephira

Consolation of angels

As angels in christianity are in servitude to the Lord
the Lord most high as above earth and all its regions.

As one says, i have hardship which is not
rigthious. as i have suffer without cause.

As one says, i wish for a solution
and it can have its price. in respect
to the religions, law and society.

All the angels which of nature are not
visible have earth in their view.

As to depict the angels as servants
watching over earth.

As these angels fly everywhere
from heaven, earth and hell.

As one has suffer and has its
meaning that its a sacrifice of happiness
or freedom to the religions.

Tell as this suffer i endure is
in favor of the Lord most High,
than angels when judging the sacrifice
is full, they save someone out of misery.

As in hell, when in danger and risk
suffering of attacks of evil from all sides,
when the angels say you have been punished
by being a victim for the things you did yourself,
then they suddenly place a hero on the path
to save him, or to take him from hell to earth
if the total punishment has been endured.

When one does evil or vice,
and take the full punishment
they receive back a normal life
on earth.

As a consolation for all suffer
that the Lord saves one through His angels
when their sacrifice of freedom or happiness
is complete.

Angels and their message

As angels continuously work for the Lord and his holy names.
As the Allmighty one is the sacred name of the Lord.

As all angels there are two kinds.
As one is the birht form never diverted
from the goodness of the Lord
as they never sinned they grow to be
a lighting angel. full of radiance of
the Lord. by Love, Strength and Virtue.

As two kinds, the one is pure in
their birth form, never diverted
thus their willpower is in unity with
the Holy name of the Lord.

As they did not divert they can fullfill
all the tasks the Lord give them

As the second kind,
they let themselves be down
to the existence of normal humans.
as they forget their angelnature
and are vulnerable to everything in
life and on earth,
as they are angels their task is
to keep being pure.

As they keep pure
the source of the holy name
grows in their soul
and as during life they get
unity with the Lord and his holy names.

As during life,
by getting lower unto the normal
human condition they have the chance
to surrender in prayer to the
Holy Names.

As they let down,
and receive the prayer
they are with full unity again
as their willpower is unified.

These two kinds,
the one with their birth form
being unified with the Holy Name
as they never diverted.

The second kind,
as humbly closed to human life
and received after their sacrifice
the surrender to the Holy Names.

As this second kind,
when received the prayer
are unified with the Holy Name.
As they have the boundary the Lord
gives them.

As the chance to surrender in prayer
is a message available on earth
as for all those with love in their heart
to attain or attend.

As this message of surrender
is mercy equal to all
they are legit.
As when attained normal people
will have the source of the
Holy Name too.
As the gods theirselves decide
how a prayer is accepted.

As when angels lower themselves humble to
attain a human life.

They loose all their power they
attained being an angel.

As at birth they forget who they were
and their name is not known in respect
to their life before.

As they only have their own willpower
and their intelligence and existence

They by their own willpower
have to attain their angelpersonality

As they attain the status of angel again
by their own effort they can transgress
from being an angel with power
through a human life back
to be an angel.

As they become angels again
through their own will power
as well have forgotten their
prior existence.

As for the angels its named
they bow down to human existence
to become unified with the gods
at higher level.

As when on earth in a human life
one is forced to use intelligence
at human level.

As angels after their life
regain their angel body,
and by human existence
on higher level.

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